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The Ares Project is looking for C++ developers and 3D/2D/sound artists! Ares is a new ambitious project managed by Jorrit Tyberghein. The project is divided in three parts:

* A Game Editor called AresEd. This will be the tool that the game designer(s) can use to make games. It is going to be a general tool so it is useful for more then just Ares. This tool is currently already functioning but a lot of work is still needed to make it really usable.
* A Game Player that will be able to play games made with AresEd. This tool will be heavily based on CEL. Most of the game logic and coding has already been done on this part of the project.
* An actual game based on the above tools. Check out the Ares Project page to learn more about this game!
Free Game Alliance Take a look at the Free Game Alliance, it's a very interesting initiative started to promote open development and open source software. One of the projects, PlaneShift, uses Crystal Space, so we are indirectly part of the Alliance as well! The idea behind the initiative is to selects one project for each genre, example FPS, strategy, car racing, mmorpg, with the objective of focusing new developers on those projects and creating one best in class open source project in each category.

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