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General Information

During this month of September, Crystal Space programmers will gather in Barcelona, Spain, for a harsh time of coding. They all share a common interest in the development of Crystal Space, which is why the developers are meeting. This is made possible by the Spanish company ikusnet, who is paying for all the expenses.


  • Amir Taaki, Seth Yastrov, Pablo Martin and others present for entire duration
  • 4th: arrival Jelle Hellemans
  • 5th: arrival Frank Richter
  • 8th: arrival Darius Dawidowski
  •  ?: arrival obi_1
  • 14th: arrival Vincent Knecht, Matthew Sutcliffe, Marten Svanfeldt
  • 16th: departure Vincent Knecht, Matthew Sutcliffe
  • 17th: departure Marten Svanfeldt
  •  ?: departure obi_1 (week later)
  • 18th: departure Jelle Hellemans
  • 19th: departure Frank Richter

Meet the Developers

Wanted to ever meet such a large group of game developers in your life? Then there are blender classes being run during the place every Thursday and Sunday this month. More details.

Session and topics

The agenda is very dynamic, and the list below is not comprehensive. It is a guideline based on the interests of the arrivals when they come.

(...add interest timeline here...)


Registration was not an open process, but rather a hand selected affair. There may be some spare spaces for allocation, but they are currently not known at this time.

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