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Stable Release 1.0rc1

This is the English language documentation for Crystal Space. This documentation is also found in the CS/docs/html directory of the 1.0rc1 release package.

Documentation for CEL:

Development Version 1.1

This documentation is generated daily from the bleeding-edge SVN version of Crystal Space. You can find this documentation in the CS/docs/html directory of your local Crystal Space installation.

Documentation for CEL:

It is possible for readers to add annotations to the online documentation. Useful and important annotations may be applied to the official documentation.


These are links to translation projects for the Crystal Space documentation.

Other Documentation

Here are a few other documentation items.

Old Documentation

  • Maze Game Tutorial Contains a simple maze game in seven stages of development and includes explanation of what is happening in each stage. (download version). This tutorial is now part of the manual.
  • CEL Tutorial: [/celtutorial.zip complete archive with document and all sources] or [/CelTutorial.pdf only the PDF with the explanation about the tutorial]. This tutorial is known to work correctly with Crystal Space and CEL from 22 June 2005. An updated version is part of the CEL manual now so this download is only useful for the blender sources of the artwork.
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