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Crystal Space es principalmente un Kit de Software de Desarrollo, así principalmente dirigido a desarrolladores. Sin embargo, mientras proyectos diferentes probablemente tienen necesidades diferentes y exigencias para el material gráfico que no puede ser cubierto todo, el objetivo de esta página es proveer los puntos e información generalmente aplicable, herramientas disponibles, y donde encontrar material gráfico relacionado.


Artist-relevant documentation can be found in the User's Manual. The section “Working with Engine Content” contains information about best practices, tools, and some technicalities.

The Documentation page contains this manual and other documentation for other Crystal Space versions, as well as online and offline variants.

Frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQ.

Some tutorials related to creating art for Crystal Space can be found in the Tutorials section.


Exporters and Converters

Blender2Crystal is a powerful tool to export Crystal Space maps from within Blender. It supports nearly everything that Crystal Space supports and it can be used to make maps, models (even skeletal animated models) and much more.

There is an old MAP file convertor available at the Counter-Strike to Crystal Space 3D Convertor page. It is a bit dated now but it might still work and it could give you a good start in making Crystal Space maps from Hammer or other related map editors.


The Drag[en]gine Normal Map Generator is a tool to generate normals maps for low-polygon meshes with the help of high-polygon meshes.


Check the Community page for the various options of community-provided support.


We can always need some artwork, ranging from complex levels to show off features of the engine over sample artwork to small test cases. See the Contributing page for details.


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