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Crystal Space is primarily a Software Development Kit, thus mainly targeted at developers. However, while different projects likely have different needs and requirements for artwork which can't be all covered, this page aims to provide pointers to generally applicable information, available tools, and where to find artwork-related support.


Artist-relevant documentation can be found in the User's Manual. The section “Working with Engine Content” contains information about best practices, tools, and some technicalities.

See the Documentation for online and offline versions of these documentations for the different Crystal Space versions.

Frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQ.

HOWTOs can be found in the HowTo section.


Blender2Crystal is a powerful tool to export Crystal Space maps from within Blender. It supports nearly everything that Crystal Space supports and it can be used to make maps, models (even skeletal animated models) and much more.


Check the Community page for the various options of community-provided support.


We can always need some artwork, ranging from complex levels to show off features of the engine over sample artwork to small test cases. See the Contributing page for details.

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