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= Varia =
= Varia =
* [[MediatorTeam]]
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* [[RoadMap]]
* [[RoadMap]]

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Crystal Space is a big project. We always welcome people to help us improve Crystal Space. In particular we are interested in the following kind of people:

  • Coders with experience in OpenGL and 3D graphics in general.
  • Coders with different backgrounds are obviously also needed. Crystal Space is a big project and many of our sub-projects are not directly related to 3D or even graphics.
  • Coders for our Crystal Core project. This basically involves a lot of work on CEL and also good knowledge on how to use XML for scripting.
  • Documentation writers. We have documentation but some parts are lacking and some parts are completely missing.
  • Artists. For our Crystal Core project we need 3D, 2D, sound, and music artists.

Report Bugs

Go to the Bugs page to report bugs in Crystal Space, CEL, or Crystal Core.

Crystal Space View tickets Report new
Crystal Entity Layer View tickets Report new
Crystal Core View tickets Report new
The whole homepage View tickets Report new

Developers White Board

For all our projects we have a developer wiki which is separate from this site. You can find them in the following table:

Project Developers Wiki URL
Crystal Space Crystal Space Trac
Crystal Entity Layer CEL Trac
Crystal Core CC Wiki


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