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General Information

After last years very successful conference we are going to do it again. During 14-15th July Crystal Space developers and users are invited to Aachen, Germany for two days of interesting discussions and presentations.

One difference from last year is that this year we will run in two more separate tracks.

Track 1 will be the 'user track' which will focus on Crystal Space from a user and game developer point of view. Our hope is to have a mix of presentations and demos from projects using Crystal Space and CEL as well as presentations and practical sessions on how to use Crystal Space, CEL, CELstart and other tools in your own project.

Track 2 will be more of a 'developer track' focusing on the future development of Crystal Space. This track will be a mix of discussions and short presentations on subjects regarding the future direction and features.

The exact schedule for the weekend will be determined and published when we get a better idea of the sessions that will be held. Preliminary the time planning is same as last year, about 10-18 Saturday and somewhat shorter Sunday.

Session and topics

Currently the list of sessions and topics are not finalized and the schedule is still to be determined, however you can read a list of the currently booked sessions on Conference2007-Sessions page.

You can now find a schedule of the sessions on Conference2007-Schedule.



We are currently accepting visitor registrations, so if you want to come just send a mail to contact@crystalspace3d.org with following information:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Profession and company/university (if student)
  • City and country of residence

Just as last year we will have a small registration fee of 10 euro for registrations to be definite. Easiest way of payment is via paypal (to account contact@crystalspace3d.org) but if that is not possible other payment options such as direct bank transfer can be arranged.

Visitor information

To help you find your way to and around in Aachen as well as try to answer any other questions you as a visitor might have we've created a special Conference2007-VisitorInformation page.

Call for Papers / Sessions

We are currently looking for people who are interested to speak or hold another session at the conference. A session could be a presentation of a project using Crystal Space, a tutorial in some specific part of CS/CEL or using it or anything else related to Crystal Space that you think might interest others.

Last day for submission is 15th of May however we appriciate early submissions and will publish sessions as soon as they are finalized.

If you have a session you want to host send a mail to contact@crystalspace3d.org containing:

  • Full name
  • Title and type of session
  • A short abstract
  • A short personal presentation to be published together with the abstract
  • Any logisitical requirements such as projector, hardware etc
  • Anything else you think we might want to know.

For people leading sessions we would also like a normal visitors registration as per below, but without the payment part.

Call for Topics

For the developer track we are looking for topics and areas where developers of Crystal Space feel discussion is needed as well as people who feel they are capable of introducing and moderating discussion on those subjects.

If you have ideas etc send a mail to contact@crystalspace3d.org


We would like to thank the following sponsors whoms support is essential to be able to organize and hold the conference.



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