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ZVS break - R burnt out! So me is a testing jobs few days ago my ZVS break left, I had connected it to 60V previously was at 30V (has about 3-5 seconds) taken well 1 mosfet is definitely dead... good at dennen you know Yes you young die but also 2 470Î © / 2W resistors are durchgebrannd... can you burn through really so quickly? NAJ the diodes all still work, is there a way to test whether the capacitor's got what? especially funny is someone I know the same ZVS (diagram below) has and it operates with 75 and is hardly something out with him!

well the whole ZVS decided now to build, because the allte in a small enclosure is actually mainly consists of heiskleber... does anyone have idea what I can do, so that the new also over 30V ne? should I again better stands for 3 watt make? take the 470ohm RS share the best the fat 17W that endure otherwise all make what is hot then you go. The resistors must be really very big. Such small 3W-Dinger are there not suitable. I can not reverse broad it me, sorry ;) What you've written here is nonsense. The MOSFET's life depends on only the skill of the Builder or developer of the circuit :) The MOSFET's can absolutely help it if you überlastest it what should I do to because with them so that they last longer? gutenachtlieder sing, to the shower take or handle only just worthy of love? Gutenachtlieder help always ;) Well, seriously: have to be always ensure that shcnell and switching applications the flanks are steep or switch in the zero crossings. Second guess that never exceed absolute maximum ratings so keep the limits (Datasheet) comply with (current, voltage, power and frequency). Thirdly you should protect the MOSFET's switching applications with inductors with free-wheeling diodes, Schottky diodes and Zener diodes in the gate. Fourth to the MOSFET's always nice cool with good thermal contact to the plate. I would not necessarily so see that, even though it is not necessarily the same as when a SSTC. But basically already much of the structure depends on the Busbar of connections, from fewest parasitic capacitance and inductance. There can be guaranteed good or bad a lot. Much will depend on the construction of the feedback part.

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