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Need help about taking slow!!!!!!

Guys for her to ask save the date templates about taking slow. I want to take 1 fountains when bright sunlight. I want to stream smooth water spray should set a high shutter speed (slow shooting) + closing password + reduced EV + ISO as low but still photos too bright glare. There is no way a slow shooting during the day 250 it or take a slow evening-only in conditions of lack of light. Expecting people to help themselves

Hi there, You learn how to use the ND filter. This Filter has the effect of reducing the amount of light on so you can longer exposure

only use with filter ND only. without you looking for sunglasses, and then try again lens cover has dc ko. also, unlike the ND filter heard. sunglasses they hear not know effectively?. doctors who show you the type of ND filter 250? I find in the Forum but have not found any post talking about the ND filter at all:(. that Uncle out CH that question depending on the needs of your doctor-your 1stop,-2 stop ..... I have also read more about filter ND, the good kind doctor not to buy because the bag is also somewhat tight

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