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The micro switch shown is controlled on the opposite side by a push-button to which a spacer plate is glued. The following two photos you can see this little piece of metal, and the place where this plate is mounted on the pressure switch (on the outside of the housing is the pressure switch - see also Figure 1).

Generally, it is always possible that an electrical device fails somewhere because a short circuit occurs, or because of other electrical fault occurs. As the instrument is built at this point, but I think mechanical failure more likely.

There are several possible mechanical causes for the same "stuck button" problem. Should all lead to the same damage profile:

The spacer sheet on the print button slip and can exert no more pressure on the opposing switch The metal piece on which the switch is mounted, bends, and the distances are no longer correct. The switch has a mechanical defect on On my machine a mixture of the first two mechanical causes was responsible for the defect.


On my device showed up: By trial and error, and ultimately by careless Dismantle me the antenna cable is pulled. It was therefore necessary to replace the entire switch unit. The internet offers for about ten euros for a cable with soldered switches and soldered headphone jack (switch and headphone jack be replaced at a time).

Once you have removed the antenna and all switches and electrical connections (refer to the above description of SAMSUNG GALAXY REPAIR) removed., The two pieces of metal from the old antenna In my spare part, it was necessary to glue these parts under the new switch.

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