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Menopause Treatment

Menopause is the naturally occurring life stage in which a girl's reproductive system shuts down and menstrual periods cease forever. This generally occurs after the age of fifty, and it is mainly as a result of hormonal changes. While menopause symptoms may be uncomfortable, menopause is just a normal part of the aging process. It is not really a disorder that will be treated, and it cannot be prevented. Many apparent symptoms of menopause lesson or stop entirely overtime. There are several ways to deal with uncomfortable menopause symptoms, ranging from simple lifestyle changes to hormone therapy.

Soy is really a common natural menopause treatment. Soy contains phytoestrogens that act like naturally produced estrogen in the human body. By consuming phytoestrogens, a woman can essentially replace the estrogen hormone their human body is no longer creating. The best way to make use of this remedy is always to have soy as a food. Tofu, soymilk, and soy nuts are excellent. Soy can be high in healthy protein.

Progesterone and estrogen can be replaced in the body by using artificially furnished, man - made variants. This is referred to as menopausal hormone therapy or MHT. These synthetic hormones may be consumed in pill form or absorbed through the skin making use of a patch. The patch form is usually considered the safest. It delivers a low dose of hormone that is found to cause a lesser risk of stroke, which is probably the most dangerous side effect of hormone therapy treatments. Hormone therapy treatments require a doctor's prescription. MHT has been found to efficiently treat the most frequent symptoms of menopause. It could stabilize mood, lesson the severity of bone loss and reduce the incidence and severity of hot flashes. The side effects of hormone therapy tend to become worse over a lengthy period of good use, and the side effects might become more acute if treatment is stopped suddenly.

Certainly one of the leading symptoms of menopause is bone loss. You will need to keep a diet high in calcium at all stages of life. This really is particularly true over the age of fifty. Calcium alone is not enough for the human body, so women must also get lots of vitamin D. The human body can not absorb calcium without Vitamin D. Vitamin D is created naturally by the body when exposes to UV radiation from the sun. Just do not overdo it. It is most often seen in fish oils, cheese and eggs, and it can be artificially fortified in to a great many other foods.

Finally, maintaining good general health, including a healthy weight and regular exercise, can reduce menopause symptoms. Symptoms are typically aggravated by anxiety.

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