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Are the Be a Approved driving instructor Adverts Misleading?

How accurate is that this information? Does it sometimes be that simple? Firstly, it has to be declared that the quotes above are 'technically' accurate, but many, if not completely driving lessons in Birmingham instructors would agree the television adverts are designed to ensure it is look easier as opposed to reality, since course who would like to pay to train to get a difficult job!


Can you actually earn £30,000 annually? Let me go over the sums:

They're my very own sums, from my experience as an instructor - before you decide to 'jump in' be sure you do your own!

Many people would generally want to, plus it isn't excessive, to get no less than 4 weeks holiday every year (Bank holiday season is included in this - while you would be independently employed). Whenever we assume that you intend to work the same of 9-5.30 (with a 30 minutes lunch hour). It can be reasonable to expect approximately 20-30 minutes between lessons, partly to get to the following lesson and partly to possess a moment to 'breath' as having a pupils life up to you for two hours can be reasonably 'intense'. Again we will feel that the typical price for driving tuition is just about £22ph.

So... 6.5(ish) hours teaching a day at £22ph is £143, multiplied by Five days is £715, multiplied by 48 weeks is £34,320, which LOOKS good assuming your expenses are below £4,320.

So what are the costs?

Firstly, nokia's who promise you could earn this high figure are franchises, in addition to their fees are often between £160 and £200 each week! and will 'generously' provide you with around 2 franchise-free-weeks holiday a year. Therefore your franchise fees are likely to be around £9,000 per year (depending on £180 per week).

Fuel just isn't included in your franchise fee, which may easily add up to more than £60 weekly, which totals approximately £2,880.

So... £4,320, take off £9,000 for that franchise, then £2,880 for fuel leaves £22,440.

These figures feel that you may get enough pupils to fill your diary (don't worry the 'hours to suit you') which nobody cancels a lesson which you don't charge for.

The figures quoted are generally depending on TEACHING 40 hours weekly in contrast to WORKING 40 hours a week.

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