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HV sources Wanted you <a href="http://www.megavar.com.au/" title ="HV design">HV design</a> ask what for ne HV good source for a TC is also ne ZVS goes with ca 700watt? It is high 2 M coil for my large Tesla (if you know more about the TC want to say 410314186 contact me at icq first who you are because so many contact me. So I want a Yes MOTstack lets (with your MOT muhaha!) This is pretty good. So honest. I've never built a great TC. But with popligen 700W Tim at 2Meter not far. I guess times up to 2 transducers are attached there. You should definitely 3000 pure hunt or better 3600th 700 is little in size. hopefully I can get from the MOT stack around the 4kw out. Shouldn't be a problem. Have seen Yes now, it kills your backup.

My major is 1.60 meters high and gets about 10 kW. 700 Watts is too little for 2 yards anyway. 1 meter high coil and 2 kW to bring about 1 m spark me. Did I mention that not about 447 ever? ;) E works "dispose of" like some of their ancient garbage ask... simply times friendly and competent. Smaller regional works there's anywhere... at least here in the CH. You have almost all such material. It is ideal, if will be rebuilt somewhere from a lower to a higher voltage level... There is everything possible HV stuff. Alone the water power station in my former region had dozens of large 20kV transformer stand (to later be disposed of!) ;) At that time I have may hold a me of them.

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