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Basic algebra help word problems solutions in an easy way.

A word problem in algebra is equivalent to mathematics story problem as when you solve the problems in maths class, an information is needed for that purpose by which you decide what operation to use. Like addition used for addition of numbers and subtraction used for find changes in values. Approach to solve problems and assignments with algebra is quite different and as well unique.

You can solve your word problems by separating information from the problem into two equal parts, that way one for each side of an equation, as algebra help word problems is a definite task which is really very effective in word problems. Examine the problem.

Example which helps in word problems

Suppose that Sara has 14 apples and 15 oranges, how many fruits pieces does she have?

As you know the sum of 14 apple and 15 oranges is equal to the total amount or pieces of fruit. It is explained in the basics of equation lesson in which a value is represented by a letter as the total amount of fruits is unknown so it will represent with x and it can be write like this,

Suppose, x= total amount of fruit The sum of the fruits is equal to the amount if fruits and this statement write as, 14+15=x The next step for solving this is, x=total number of fruits X=29 There are 29 pieces of fruits. 14+15=x, is initial equation. Now examine this word problem that how algebra help word problems that sum of two consecutive numbers are 91 so what are the numbers? In order to solve this, you must set up an equation which is consisting of a variable such as x.

  • Suppose x=first consecutive number
  • And x+1=second consecutive number
  • According to problem the sum of that numbers is 91

So, it can be written as x+(x+1) =91

Initial equation is, x+(x+1) =91 After combining these terms, 2x+1=91 After subtracting 1 from each side, 2x=90 And after dividing both sides with 2, x=45 So by this way you got the 1st consecutive number that is 45 And, x+1= second consecutive number That is 46.

Online help

Many websites organise for you to get algebra help word problems solutions online free. Online information is always in your access and you can take a lot of benefits from these sites. Word problems which fall into distinct type is only having difficulty of translating verbal language into algebraic, and this can be solve by just practising it more and more. The good news about that is to solve word problems is the same way where a bad news is that you have to think pretty hard.

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