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How do you build a gravel walkway?


A lot of factors come into play, such as soil, moisture, tree and plant roots etc. But here we go. First determine where you want to put it. If the path will be used for a variety of uses like moving a mower make it fairly wide. 4 feet is good. If it is more of a garden path, 2.5-3' is fine. Mark it out with something. I use marking paint, but a garden hose or rope is fine. Remove the grass that is there. If its a large area, rent a sod cutter. Next you should determine what to use as some sort of edging. This is important as the grass will quickly travel into the path unless its "blocked" off. Steel edging or aluminum edging is easy to work with and will last forever. But railroad ties or even 2x6 treated lumber will be effective.

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