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MediaWiki is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

MediaWiki is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

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  • MediaWiki: 1.11.0 (r114)
  • PHP: 5.2.6-3ubuntu4.1 (cgi-fcgi)
  • MySQL: 5.0.75-0ubuntu10.1-log


Special pages
CategoryTree (version 2008-02-27)AJAX based gadget to display the category structure of a wikiDaniel Kinzler
ExpandTemplates (version 2008-02-27)Expands templates, parser functions and variables to show expanded wikitext and preview rendered pageTim Starling
Wiki Feeds (version 0.5)Produces syndicated feeds for MediaWiki.Gregory Szorc <gregory.szorc@gmail.com>
Parser hooks
CategoryTree (version 2008-02-27)AJAX based gadget to display the category structure of a wikiDaniel Kinzler
CharInsertAllows creation of JavaScript box for inserting non-standard charactersBrion Vibber
DynamicPageList2 (version 1.6.7)based on DynamicPageList, featuring many improvementsIlyaHaykinson, Amgine,Unendlich, Cyril Dangerville,Algorithmix
EasyTimeline (version 2008-02-27)Timeline extensionErik Zachte
ImageMap (version 2008-02-27)Allows client-side clickable image maps using <imagemap> tag.Tim Starling
InputboxAllow inclusion of predefined HTML forms.Erik Moeller, Leonardo Pimenta and Rob Church
LabeledSectionTransclusion (version 2008-02-27)Adds #lst and #lstx functions and <section> tag, enables marked sections of text to be transcludedSteve Sanbeg
ParserFunctions (version 1.1.1)Enhance parser with logical functionsTim Starling
SyntaxHighlight (version 2008-02-27)Provides syntax highlighting using GeSHi HighlighterBrion Vibber, Tim Starling and Rob Church
ConfirmEditSimple captcha implementationBrion Vibber
LDAP Authentication Plugin (version 1.1g)LDAP Authentication plugin with support for multiple LDAP authentication methodsRyan Lane
SecureHTML (version @@package-version@@)Enables secure HTML code on protected pagesJean-Lou Dupont
StubManager (version @@package-version@@)Provides stubbing facility for extensions handling rare events. Extensions registered:
Jean-Lou Dupont
Extension functions
ceSetup, efReCaptcha, (, setup), wfLabeledSectionTransclusionHeading, (, setup), wfWikiFeeds, setupSpecialChars, lambda_2495, wfSetupImageMap, wfSetupParserFunctions, efSyntaxHighlight_GeSHiSetup, efCategoryTree, efInputBoxSetup and wfTimelineExtension
Parser extension tags
<section>, <dpl>, <charinsert>, <imagemap>, <source>, <categorytree>, <inputbox>, <timeline> and <pre>
Parser function hooks
lst, lstx, lsth, dplchapter, dplmatrix, dpl, html, shtml, if, ifeq, switch, ifexist, ifexpr, iferror, expr, time, timel, rel2abs, titleparts, categorytree, int, ns, urlencode, lcfirst, ucfirst, lc, uc, localurl, localurle, fullurl, fullurle, formatnum, grammar, plural, numberofpages, numberofusers, numberofarticles, numberoffiles, numberofadmins, numberofedits, language, padleft, padright, anchorencode, special, defaultsort and displaytitle


Hook nameSubscribed by
AbortLogin(ReCaptcha, confirmUserLogin)
AbortNewAccount(ReCaptcha, confirmUserCreate)
ArticleSave(Stub, hArticleSave)
ArticleViewHeader(Stub, hArticleViewHeader)
EditFilter(ReCaptcha, confirmEdit)
LanguageGetMagicLabeledSectionTransclusion::setupMagic, wfLabeledSectionTransclusionHeadingMagic, ExtDynamicPageList2__languageGetMagic, (Stub, hookLanguageGetMagic), wfParserFunctionsLanguageGetMagic, OggHandler::registerMagicWords and efCategoryTreeGetMagic
LoginAuthenticateAudit(ReCaptcha, triggerUserLogin)
MagicWordMagicWords(Stub, hookMagicWordMagicWords)
MagicWordwgVariableIDs(Stub, hookMagicWordwgVariableIDs)
ParserAfterTidywfWikiFeeds_Linker and (ExtParserFunctions, afterTidy)
ParserClearState(ExtParserFunctions, clearState)
ParserGetVariableValueSwitch(Stub, hookParserGetVariableValueSwitch)
UserCreateForm(ReCaptcha, injectUserCreate)
UserLoginForm(ReCaptcha, injectUserLogin)
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