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C.4.1 Deprecation of the old event system

The old event system has been deprecated in this release and will be gone in the next version. This means that the frame sub-events csevPreProcess, csevProcess, csevPostProcess, and csevFinalProcess will no longer be available. At the same time, the corresponding methods from csBaseEventHandler will be replaced by a single csBaseEventHandler::Frame() function.

Applications that rely on the old event system should be changed to use the new event system. If a single event handling class needs to handle the csevFrame event more than once per frame, embedded event handler classes should be used. These classes should define constraints to receive the event in the correct phase. Examine the code of walktest for an example.

Applications that only use csevFinalProcess or csBaseEventHandler::FinishFrame to update the display via iGraphics3D::Print should use the helper class FramePrinter instead. Examine the code of simple1 for an example.

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