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iComponent Struct Reference
[Shared Class Facility (SCF)]

This interface describes a generic component in Crystal Space. More...

#include <iutil/comp.h>

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virtual bool Initialize (iObjectRegistry *)=0
 Initialize the component.

Detailed Description

This interface describes a generic component in Crystal Space.

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Definition at line 44 of file comp.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool iComponent::Initialize ( iObjectRegistry  )  [pure virtual]

Initialize the component.

This is automatically called by system driver at startup so that plugin can do basic initialization stuff, register with the system driver and so on.

Implemented in CS::PluginCommon::Graphics2DCommon, csGraphics2D, CS::PluginCommon::GL::Graphics2DCommon, csGraphics2DGLCommon, CS::Animation::AnimNodeManagerCommon< ThisType, ManagerInterface, FactoryType >, and csMeshType.

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