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CS::Container::RedBlackTreeOrderingPartial< K, K2 > Class Template Reference

Partial ordering ( for red-black-trees. More...

#include <csutil/redblacktree.h>

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template<typename K, typename K2>
class CS::Container::RedBlackTreeOrderingPartial< K, K2 >

Partial ordering ( for red-black-trees.

Not that this will change the runtime characteristics. In the worst case - no key is comparable to the other - operations may take linear time instead of logarithmic as operations degenerate into an exhaustive search.

requires the key type to implement operator<() and operator==().
the following axioms shall be true: a <= a, a <= b && b <= a <=> a == b, a <= b && b <= c <=> a <= c, !(a <= b) && !(b <= a) <=> a and b are incomparable

Definition at line 195 of file redblacktree.h.

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