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1.8 Where to Get Crystal Entity Layer

The Crystal Entity Layer homepage contains information on obtaining both the official releases of Crystal Entity Layer and the current development version.

Please keep in mind that both types of releases are still Beta. The main difference being that release versions should be well tested and generally stable.

With the development version your mileage may vary. Sometimes it may not compile easily on all platforms, or may not compile at all. There may be features that are only partially implemented and these probably will not be very well documented.

However, the development version will always have all the most recent features and will probably contain features that are not available in the release version.

You will also need Crystal Space in order to use Crystal Entity Layer. Like Crystal Entity Layer this is also available in both official release and development status. For more information on the two of these please see the Crystal Space documentation.

Crystal Entity Layer is available at:

Crystal Space is available at:

Generally a release version of Crystal Entity Layer should be built against the matching release of Crystal Space. Likewise development versions should be build against a development version of Crystal Space from the same date.

Mixing and matching of versions is not guaranteed to work, and in fact quite likely will not.


As Crystal Entity Layer is being actively developed changes are quite often made to the sources on a daily basis.

The latest sources to Crystal Entity Layer may be downloaded from SourceForge's SVN Servers.

To checkout SVN trunk in a ‘cel’ subdirectory, use:

svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/cel/cel/trunk cel

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