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4.2.1 WalkTut Tutorial

This is a tutorial to show how you can use Crystal Entity Layer in your own applications. The original game data and the Blender level and model source used to create the artwork of this tutorial can be downloaded from:


The source files of this tutorial can be found in the `apps/tutorial/walktut' directory that is included with CEL. The world and entity file can be found in the `data' directory (`walktut_world' and `walktut_entities').

Remember that the first time you run this application you have to add the `-relight' commandline option so that the lightmaps are correctly updated.

During the game you can use the following inputs:

This tutorial features:

Here is the tutorial:

The XML Entity File

Except for the level and player entities all other entities are defined in the `entities' file. Here is an example of how such an entity looks:

    <addon plugin="celentity" entityname="badone">

      <propclass name="pcmesh">
        <action name="LoadMeshPath">
	  <par name="path" string="/this/model" />
	  <par name="filename" string="monkey" />
	  <par name="factoryname" string="monkey" />

      <propclass name="pcmeshselect" />

      <propclass name="pcproperties">
        <property name="pos1" vector="9,2,8" />
        <property name="pos2" vector="6,2,8" />
        <property name="pos3" vector="6,2,12" />
        <property name="pos4" vector="7,5,10" />
        <property name="pos5" vector="8,1,7" />
        <property name="pos6" vector="9,2,8" />
        <property name="up1" vector="0,1,0" />
        <property name="up2" vector="0,1,0" />
        <property name="up3" vector="0,1,0" />
        <property name="up4" vector="0,1,0" />
        <property name="up5" vector="0,1,0" />
        <property name="up6" vector="0,1,0" />
        <property name="forward1" vector="-1,0,0" />
        <property name="forward2" vector="0,0,1" />
        <property name="forward3" vector="1,1,-1" />
        <property name="forward4" vector="1,-1,-1" />
        <property name="forward5" vector="1,1,1" />
        <property name="forward6" vector="-1,0,0" />
        <property name="time1" long="1000" />
        <property name="time2" long="1000" />
        <property name="time3" long="1000" />
        <property name="time4" long="1000" />
        <property name="time5" long="1000" />
        <property name="time6" long="1000" />

      <propclass name="pctimer">
        <action name="WakeUp">
	  <par name="time" long="5000" />
	  <par name="repeat" bool="true" />

      <propclass name="pclinearmovement">
        <action name="InitCD">
	  <par name="body" vector=".2,.2,.2" />
	  <par name="legs" vector=".2,.2,.2" />
	  <par name="offset" vector="0,-.3,0" />
        <action name="SetPosition">
	  <par name="position" vector="9,3,8" />
	  <par name="sector" string="Scene" />
	  <par name="yrot" float="0" />

      <behaviour name="badone_behave" />


In this particular example we use the `cel.addons.celentity' addon (see section CelEntity Addon) to create an entity with the name `badone'. It has the following property classes:

We also create the entity with the `badone_behave' behaviour.

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