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iPcPathFinder Struct Reference

This is a pathfinder property class. More...

#include <propclass/pathfinder.h>

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virtual void Interrupt ()=0
 Interrupt a movement.
virtual bool Seek (iSector *sector, const csVector3 &position)=0
 Move to the specified position.

Detailed Description

This is a pathfinder property class.

It works closely with pcsteer in order to move an object from one position to another using celgraph to navigate correctly through the map.

This property class can send out the following messages:

This property class supports the following actions (add prefix 'cel.move.pathfinder.action.' if you want to access this action through a message):

This property class supports the following properties:

Definition at line 57 of file pathfinder.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void iPcPathFinder::Interrupt (  )  [pure virtual]

Interrupt a movement.

The behaviour will get a 'pcmover_interrupted' message if the mover was really moving. Otherwise nothing happens.

virtual bool iPcPathFinder::Seek ( iSector sector,
const csVector3 position 
) [pure virtual]

Move to the specified position.

When you call this function this property class will attempt to move the linmove to the correct position. If it fails the behaviour will get a 'pcmover_stuck' message. Otherwise it will get a 'pcmover_arrived' message. If checklos parameter is true a line of sight test will be made in advance, and if this function detects that line of sight is blocked then the behaviour will get a 'pcmover_impossible' message and this function will return false then. If this property class was already controlling a movement then that movement will be interrupted (possibly giving a pcmover_interrupted message).

sector is the desired sector to move to.
position is the desired position to move to.
sqradius if the linmove ends up within the given squared radius of the desired position the movement will stop and be considered sucessful.
checklos whether to check line of sight to destination on movement start.

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