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This is a property class holding the representation of a light. More...

#include <propclass/light.h>

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virtual iLightCreateLight (const char *lightname, iSector *sector, const csVector3 &pos, float radius, const csColor &color)=0
 Create a light with a given name.
virtual iLightGetLight () const =0
 Get the light.
virtual void SetLight (iLight *light)=0
 Set the light directly.
virtual bool SetLight (const char *lightname)=0
 Set the light by name.

Detailed Description

This is a property class holding the representation of a light.

This property class supports the following actions (add prefix 'cel.light.action.' if you want to access this action through a message):

Definition at line 50 of file light.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual iLight* iPcLight::CreateLight ( const char *  lightname,
iSector sector,
const csVector3 pos,
float  radius,
const csColor color 
) [pure virtual]

Create a light with a given name.

Sector can be 0.

virtual iLight* iPcLight::GetLight (  )  const [pure virtual]

Get the light.

virtual void iPcLight::SetLight ( iLight light  )  [pure virtual]

Set the light directly.

virtual bool iPcLight::SetLight ( const char *  lightname  )  [pure virtual]

Set the light by name.

Returns false if the light cannot be found.

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