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iPcDynamicMove Struct Reference

This is a property class for dynamic movement. More...

#include <propclass/dynmove.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void EnableMouselook (bool enable)=0
 Disable/Enable mouselook.
virtual void Move (CS::Physics::iPhysicalSector *sector, const csReversibleTransform &trans)=0
 Move this actor somewhere.

Detailed Description

This is a property class for dynamic movement.

This property class supports the following properties:

Definition at line 37 of file dynmove.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void iPcDynamicMove::EnableMouselook ( bool  enable  )  [pure virtual]

Disable/Enable mouselook.

With this you can disable mouselook even if the "mouselook" message is sent. This can be useful to have temporary fine control over mouse movement (for grabbing for example).

virtual void iPcDynamicMove::Move ( CS::Physics::iPhysicalSector sector,
const csReversibleTransform trans 
) [pure virtual]

Move this actor somewhere.

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