Public API Reference

DynFactJointDefinition Member List

This is the complete list of members for DynFactJointDefinition, including all inherited members.
SetBounce(const csVector3 &bounce)DynFactJointDefinition [inline]
SetMaxForce(const csVector3 &maxforce)DynFactJointDefinition [inline]
SetMinMaxAngle(const csVector3 &min, const csVector3 &max)DynFactJointDefinition [inline]
SetMinMaxDistance(const csVector3 &min, const csVector3 &max)DynFactJointDefinition [inline]
SetRotConstraints(bool x, bool y, bool z)DynFactJointDefinition [inline]
SetTransConstraints(bool x, bool y, bool z)DynFactJointDefinition [inline]
SetTransform(const csOrthoTransform &trans)DynFactJointDefinition [inline]

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