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iPcHover Member List

This is the complete list of members for iPcHover, including all inherited members.
AddRefOwner(void **ref_owner)=0iBase [pure virtual]
DecRef()=0iBase [pure virtual]
GetHeight()=0iPcHover [pure virtual]
GetInterfaceMetadata()=0iBase [pure virtual]
GetRefCount()=0iBase [pure virtual]
HoverOff()=0iPcHover [pure virtual]
HoverOn()=0iPcHover [pure virtual]
IncRef()=0iBase [pure virtual]
QueryInterface(scfInterfaceID iInterfaceID, int iVersion)=0iBase [pure virtual]
RemoveRefOwner(void **ref_owner)=0iBase [pure virtual]
SetAngularBeamOffset(float abo)=0iPcHover [pure virtual]
SetAngularCorrectionStrength(float mul)=0iPcHover [pure virtual]
SetAngularCutoffHeight(float ach)=0iPcHover [pure virtual]
SetFactors(float p, float i, float d)=0iPcHover [pure virtual]
SetHeightBeamCutoff(float chm)=0iPcHover [pure virtual]
SetHoverHeight(float height)=0iPcHover [pure virtual]
~iBase()iBase [protected, virtual]

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