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iQuestTriggerFactory Struct Reference

A factory to create triggers. More...

#include <tools/questmanager.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual csPtr< iQuestTriggerCreateTrigger (iQuest *quest, const celQuestParams &params)=0
 Create a trigger.
virtual bool Load (iDocumentNode *node)=0
 Load this factory from a document node.

Detailed Description

A factory to create triggers.

Trigger factories are created by an iQuestTriggerType instance.

Definition at line 208 of file questmanager.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual csPtr<iQuestTrigger> iQuestTriggerFactory::CreateTrigger ( iQuest quest,
const celQuestParams params 
) [pure virtual]

Create a trigger.

quest is the quest for which this trigger is created.
params are the parameters with which this reward is instantiated.
virtual bool iQuestTriggerFactory::Load ( iDocumentNode node  )  [pure virtual]

Load this factory from a document node.

node is the <fireon> node in a trigger description.
false on error (reporter is used to report).

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