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Timer propery class. More...

#include <propclass/timer.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void Clear (const char *name=0)=0
 Clear this timer.
virtual void WakeUp (csTicks t, bool repeat, const char *name=0)=0
 Wake up the Behaviour in 't' ticks.
virtual void WakeUpFrame (int where)=0
 Wake up the Behaviour every frame.

Detailed Description

Timer propery class.

This property class supports the following actions (add prefix 'cel.action.' to get the ID of the action and add prefix 'cel.parameter.' to get the ID of the parameter):

This property class can send out the following messages to the behaviour (add prefix 'cel.parameter.' to get the ID for parameters):

Definition at line 47 of file timer.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void iPcTimer::Clear ( const char *  name = 0  )  [pure virtual]

Clear this timer.

Optional 'name' (string) parameter for clearing a named timer event. Otherwise all timer events are cleared. If you want to clear only the anonymous timer then you can use "wakeup" as the name. Note that if no name is given then the frame event is also cleared. If name is equal to 'frame' then only the frame event is cleared.

virtual void iPcTimer::WakeUp ( csTicks  t,
bool  repeat,
const char *  name = 0 
) [pure virtual]

Wake up the Behaviour in 't' ticks.

If the name is not given then it is an anonymous timer (will send out message 'pctimer_wakeup'). There can only be one anonymous timer active. If you want multiple timer events then use a named timer. The message in that case will be 'pctimer_<name>'. If 'repeat' is true then this will be repeated. Otherwise there will only be one signal.

virtual void iPcTimer::WakeUpFrame ( int  where  )  [pure virtual]

Wake up the Behaviour every frame.

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